Wood Deck Coating

Wood Deck CoatingWith summer just around the corner now is the time to start thinking about repairing that worn deck. If you have a wood deck chances are weather, time and other outdoor hazards have taken a toll on the surface and exterior. Still, you want to entertain during the summer months with BBQ's and outdoor parties and having a solid, sturdy and attractive wood deck is essential to enjoying the season. Save time and money by using Armor Poxy's unique Armor Renew lifetime deck coating to get your deck into shape and looking great.

Wood is a durable material but rain, wind, excessive UV light, snow, sleet and tree sap can all combine to gradually wear the wood down and cause splintering, cracks and rot. Once this occurs the deck can very quickly become unsafe for use and a major liability on your property. Rather than spend a fortune replacing the entire deck consider using Armor Renew to achieve a "like new" look and solid surface coating that will keep your deck safe from outdoor hazards, cover minor imperfections on the wood and provide a slip-resistant surface that is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Armor Renew is a specially formulated environmentally safe liquid coating that you apply to your deck to restore the original look and feel. The 1-part water based coating is specially designed for wood surfaces and acts to "stick" on the surface rather than be soaked in to the wood. Armor Renew can be used on wood surfaces that have suffered minor damage from moisture, UV light, crack and mold.

Simply clean your deck with a thorough hosing or using a power wash spray. Roll on the first coat of Armor Renew using a special foam roller and then wait approximately 3-4 hours. Apply a second coat and wait for it to dry overnight. It really is that easy. Using Armor Renew rather than replacing a wood deck can save you up to 90% in costs, money you can then use to buy food and drinks for your official summer kick-off BBQ on your beautifully restored wood deck.

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